We work as a collective of instructors and therapists, with each of us adding our viewpoints and knowledge to the mix, in order to bring you the best in Pilates, CoreAlign®, and Physical Therapy.  We constantly assess how your entire body functions, and how each part affects and impacts the whole.  We help you find a new level of awareness in your movement both within the studio and within your everyday life.

Within the studio, we teach to the body in front of us.  Our collective approach is to train for balanced, functional movement at the highest level appropriate. Throughout our sessions,  we seek to impart our knowledge of the body to you, giving you the necessary strength, control, and flexibility to create optimal movement patterns and efficient performance at whatever level you are seeking.  By empowering you to move more effectively and efficiently, we become your guides as you transform into a healthier, fitter version of yourself.

While Pilates is appropriate for athletic conditioning and performance enhancement for sports such as golf, running, tennis, and cycling, it can also be used for a rehabilitative focus.  Our instructors are well versed in both fitness and rehabilitative approaches, and can modify for populations including pre and post-natal, rehabilitation from joint replacement or other surgeries,  or spinal issues such as osteoporosis or spinal stenosis.  Pilates can also be extremely successful in treating chronic back pain, and is an excellent form of fitness conditioning for aging populations.

Learn more about how Pilates and Physical Therapy at Imprint Movement can help meet your fitness goals.