Small Group Fitness Classes

Pilates Mat

 A full body workout utilizing the mat and small props.  You will be encouraged to respect your abilities, yet challenged to improve your core strength and stability, flexibility, posture, and form.  Emphasis is given to abdominal strengthening in our mat classes, but you will get a full body workout. Leave longer, leaner, and breath a little easier after the hour.  See our currently scheduled mat classes and register here.




A challenging and engaging full body workout using a specially designed Russian weight.  The kettlebell adds a constantly changing stability challenge to the workout as you shift through differing planes of motion.  See when our Kettlebell classes are offered and register here.


Single Class $20
5 Classes $90
10 Classes $150

Please note our packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.  Our classes are intentionally limited in size to keep them personal and allow the instructor to offer corrections when necessary. We strongly recommend registering in advance to reserve a space, and pre-registration closes 6 hours prior to class beginning.

All classes can be scheduled and canceled on-line.  Should you need assistance, please contact the studio directly.  Please note that we have a 12 hour cancellation policy, and our system will not allow cancellations within that period.  Late arrivals of more than 10 minutes may not participate in class.  


Although we do our best to keep an eye on everyone in a class, if you have a condition that requires personal attention, are just coming out of rehab, or coming back from a pregnancy, we may ask that you take private lessons until you are ready to return to group classes.  This ensures your safety and well being as well as providing continuity to the class experience for the other participants.

If you have questions about whether or not a class is right for you, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.