Movement Teachers


Monique Fourie  Pilates

After a few sessions with Imprint Movement, Monique knew Pilates was a profound form of exercise and a path she needed to take as a career after working with children and in customer service for years. Monique completed the comprehensive Pilates teacher training program with Polestar Pilates. Monique has worked with a range of clients including those who have carried babies, older clients, personal trainers, clients coming out of rehabilitation, and people with back issues.  She enjoys helping all of her clients discover strength and flexibility they never knew they had. Monique has an unique appreciation for how her own Pilates practice has transformed her life after suffering for many years with lower back spasms after a field hockey injury growing up in South Africa. Feeling the change within her own body fuels her passion to help others experience the same benefits of Pilates.  Monique loves spending time with her friends and is an avid photographer and her Instagram account @bloodysplendid elegantly showcases her passion for food, gorgeous cocktails and travel.